Christopher Laird will be publishing his first novel and will be soon hitting bookshelves near you. It will also be coming out on ebook. Mr. Laird is a Science Fiction writer and will be releasing the first book ORIGINS in the late fall/winter of 2016. Currently, the novel is being rewritten and soon will go through a rigorous editing and review phase. In addition, cover design and art work is also being done. Please keep checking in for more news and updates as they become available. Thank You!

​posted June 3rd 2016

ORIGINS will be available early  2017. We have just finished the cover of the novel which can be seen on our home page. The novel is currenly being edited and will be available to everyone really soon. Please keep checking in for interviews and TV appearances. You can also follow Chris laird at for daily updates.

​Posted January 6th 2017

The sequel to Christopher J. Laird's best selling novel, on Amazon, ORIGINS, will be released this summer of 2018. It will be titled ETERNITY'S PAST:The Reign Of Xona. Please continue to visit our site for updates and subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages @chrislairdscifi. Be sure to also subscribe to our youtube channel  ORIGINS The Novel.

Posted May 13th 2018

Origins will be released March 14th 2017. You can go to our Purchase books tab to get a advance copy right now! It will be available to the public March 14th.

​Posted March 11th 2017

A new book trailer has been created to promote the new book ORIGINS. Please go to the MEDIA link to check out the new trailer.

​posted June 18th 2016

Chris Laird has just completed a interview for Go to our media section for the link. You can read the interview transcript to find out more about the novel.

​posted July 6th 2016