It is the year 1941 in upstate New York. Monty Herrshoff, a wealthy architect, has an alien girlfriend from the future that lives millions of light years away on a planet named Mykia. Her name is Xona. She previously met him over the summer where she time traveled back to 1941 to recover an artifact that contained a particle that had the powers of God. She found Mr. Herrshoff and used him for his money and resources to help her with her mission. She eventually was defeated and went back to her own time. She has now returned to1941 to give Monty a very speacial gift. However, he tells her to wait and give it to him at Christmas. She does not know what Christmas is and she is baffled with the strange human holiday. As Monty shows her what Christmas is all about, he is struggling with his own family issues with his brother, who he despises. Meanwhile, Xona is learning that Christmas is not about Santa Claus, toys, decorations or music; but she  is learning what Christmas is all about through giving and uses her powers to make that possible.

         ​​THE STAGE PLAY


Finally it is here! The stage play from the upcoming short story from Christopher Laird. The True meaning Of Christmas: From The Perspective Of An Alien, will hit the stage this December 2019. It will feature series favorite Xona(from best selling novel ORIGINS and from Eternity's Past) and Monty Herrshoff(from Eternity's Past). The play will take place this December in Detroit Michigan.